"Inverted psychic attitude"

Vipareeta Mudra Science
Vipareeta Mudra Yoga
Vipareeta Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Lie straight on your back. join both the legs
and lift them up keeping them straight and raise
your back with the support of the hands. with
both feet and the legs touching, do not raise
them straight pointing to the roof but slightly
lowered.keep legs are approximately at an angle of 45
degrees and concentrate your sight at thumbs of the
feet. Breathe normally.


This posture works everything in your body from
the legs to the nape, especially the
back and the abodomen

Time interval:

Begin with 1 minute and then slowly increase the
duration of practice to 10 minutes


It removes the decrepitude and sickness. Vipareeta
karani is good for virtually anything that ails you-Anxiety,
Digestive issues, Headaches, Eye Sight, Insomnia, Depression,
Arthritis etc.


Nothing at all. Perform this asana freely.