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Vajroli Mudra Science
Vajroli Mudra Yoga
Vajroli Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Following are the steps to perform Vajroli Mudra.
1.The practitioner should focus his attention on the sphincter muscles involved,
near the pubic bone at the base of the lingam.
2.Then he should inhale through the nose as he pulls energy up the spine.
Hold the breath at the Third Eye (Ajna Chakra). Pull up
the sexual organs by contracting the muscle he would use to stop the
flow of urine and the lower abdomen muscles.
3.He should continue to hold the breath as he relaxes and contract ten times.
4.On the tenth relaxation, exhale through the nose and experience
sexual energy rising from the sex centre to the brain
(or whatever body part needs energy).
5.The practitioner can make these muscles even stronger by adding more weight.
Place a washcloth over the penis and lift that.
Then make it a wet washcloth, which is heavier.


Vajroli mudra influences the nadis that supply
the sex organs with spiritual energy. It is also practiced by
many people who want to get rid of sexual problems
and troubles in the urinary system.

Time interval:

One can perform Vajroli mudra minimum 10 to 15 rounds.


1.It helps to deal with premature ejaculation.
2.Advanced practice helps one to control the ejaculation of
semen and even ability to pull back the ejaculated semen.
3.It cures diseases of the urinary system like infections and enlargement
of the prostrate gland.
4.Calms and increases concentration once the sexual distractions
are calmed down.
5.Mastery of this exercise allows one to experience longer and more
intense orgasm.
6.Helps in spiritual progress and chakras are activated.
7.Regular practice ensures activation of chakras and
great self control.


Any time of the day, but preferably on empty stomach.
Never practice it immediately after the meals.