"Barrelled abdomen technique"

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Tadagi Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Sit in Padmasana. Place the fingertips on the
floor beside the body. Lift the body 10 times,
holding briefly. Ensure the body weight is supported
by the fingertips only. Smoothly return to the
starting position.


Dispels depression and headache. Improves
digestive function. Strengthens the finger, arm,
shoulder, chest and abdominal muscles. This Asana
is also used in Kriya Yoga.

Time interval:

Repeat this process 10 time .


Tadagi mudra asana is beneficial for various body
functions. The asana is good for a healthy respiratory
system, digestive system, abdomen and pelvis
muscles. The asana benefits various glands
and organs of abdominal cavity.


This Asana should not be practiced during
menstruation, pregnancy or with haemorrhoids. If
the Asana causes pain in the fingers, avoid
its practice.