"Nosetip gazing"

Nasikagra Mudra Science
Nasikagra Mudra Yoga
Nasikagra Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Sit in any comfortable meditation
posture with the head and spine straight. Rest
the hands on the knees in either chin or
gyana mudra. Close the eyes and relax the
whole body. Open the eyes and focus them on
the nose tip. Do not strain the eyes in
any way. When the eyes are correctly focused a
double outline of the nose is seen. These
two lines converge at the tip of the nose
forming an inverted V-image. Concentrate on the
apex of the V.


If performed with awareness for a long
period, it helps to awaken mooladhara chakra
and induce meditative states. It takes
the practitioner into the psychic and
spiritual planes of consciousness.

Time interval:

Nasikagra drishti may be practiced at any time
of day although ideally it is performed early in the
morning or late at night before sleep.


Nasikagra drishti is an excellent technique for
calming anger and disturbed states of mind. It
develops the powers of concentration.


Those suffering from depression should
avoid this introverting practice.