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Manduki Mudra Science
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Manduki Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


This one is a complicated Bhadrasana method
and it can be done only by the people
who have very flexible legs. The traditional
Sit in Vajrasana pose. Place the feet in
a way that they point opposite to each other
and away from the body. Move the knees
away from each other as far as possible without
strain, and allow the buttocks to rest firmly
on the floor. Put your hands on the knees by
situating the palms down-wards. Hold the
head and spine upright. That’s it; this is the
final pose of Traditional Bhadrasana method.


it balances the nadis ‘ida’ and ‘pingala’,
and thereby brings balance between
extroversion and introversion. The body
retains vigor and health.

Time interval:

Manduki Mudra has no fixed duration period.
It should be performed until you experience
a feeling of ecstasy, but do not wait eagerly
for hours and hours. Appropriate duration of
practice is 5-10 minutes.


The nose tip gazing or nasikagra drishti affects the
brain centers associated with our most deep-rooted
drives and instincts, and calms the fluctuations
and disturbances of the mind.


Manduki Mudra cannot be performed in darkness.
It has to be performed in mild light;
hence one can see the tip of the nose.