"The great piercing attitude"

Maha Vedha Mudra Science
Maha Vedha Mudra yoga
Maha Vedha Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Sit in padmasana. Relax the body
and close the eyes. Place the palms of
the hands on the floor beside the thighs with
the fingers pointing forward or make fists with
the knuckles facing down. The arms
should be straight but relaxed.Inhale
slowly and deeply through the nose. Retain the
breath inside and perform the kriya variation of jalandhara
bandha. Raise the body by placing all the weight
on the hands and straightening the arms.
Gently beat the buttocks on the ground 3 times,
keeping the awareness at mooladhara chakra. The spine
must be kept straight and jalandhara bandha maintained.
The buttocks and the back of the thighs should
touch the ground simultaneously. Rest the buttocks
on the floor, release jalandhara bandha and exhale
slowly and deeply. This is one round. When the
breathing returns to normal, inhale and repeat
the process.


Physical - on keeping the spine straight and on touching
the floor with the buttocks and thighs together.
Spiritual - on mooladhara chakra.

Time interval:

Practise 3 rounds in the beginning. Over a
period of months, gradually increase
to a maximum< of 11 rounds.


This is a powerful practice for introverting the mind,
awakening psychic faculties and the dormant kundalini
which is said to reside in mooladhara chakra. The
endocrine system is stimulated by activating the pineal
gland. This keeps the pituitary gland under control,
regulates hormonal secretions and curtails catabolism,
reducing the symptoms of old age.


People who have any inflammatory disease, infection or
general complaint in or around the pelvic area
should avoid this practice.