Kundalini Mudra Science
Kundalini Mudra Yoga
Kundalini Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Here, both the hands should form a loose fist.Then,
extend the left index finger into the right fist
from below and place it on the pad of the right
thumb.The other fingers of the right hand cover
the finger from above. It is like a loose and
comfortable fleshy glove for the left index finger.
Hold this Mudra as low as possible in front
of the abdomen.


It is the receptacle of regeneration and creativity.

Time interval:

Do this Mudra three times a day for fifteen minutes.


Safe sex is essential for personal well-being
and a sexual orgasm with a compatible partner is the
closest a human act can take us to the inner
sanctum of unadulterated joy. The Kundalini
Mudra is associated with the sexual force that needs
to be awakened. It is about the unification of the
masculine and the feminine


There are no precautions for the practice
of Kundalini mudra.