"Mudra of Wealth"

Kubera Mudra Science
Kubera Mudra Yoga
Kubera Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Joining together tip of your thumb, index, and middle finger
with the other three fingers stretched outThe other two
fingers need to be bend so that can rest in the middle of your hand.
This should be performed by both the hands.


One import aspect is that one should do his own
contribution to achieving his goal or wishes,
simply performing this mudrā will not fulfill
your desires!! It only gives you the power to do it.

Time interval:

No particular time duration for this mudra.
You can practice while sitting, standing or
lying on a bed whenever and wherever you
have time.


The practice of Kubera Mudra helps to increase your
confidence level and serenity. You should visualize your
goals before doing this mudrā. You can do
this mudrā for longer times.There are no time
restrictions and precautions for Kubera mudra practice


Nothing at all. Perform this freely.