"Tongue lock"

Khechari Mudra Science
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Khechari Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Sit in a comfortable position. Close the mouth
and roll the tongue up to touch the upper palate.
See how far back it can go. Initially it may touch
the hard palate. Some may be able to touch
the soft palate with the first try itself. Keep
the tongue there for as long as comfortable


Kechari mudra is an advanced practice that enables the
yogi to reach higher states of consciousness

Time interval:

Initially one may be able to keep it for less than
a minute. When the tongue starts to pain


1.Kechari mudra helps the practitioner to attain
Samadhi or the super-conscious state.
2.The secretions when consumed give great benefits
to the body and has anti-aging properties.
3.Kechari Mudra is also used by yogis to do astral
traveling. The mudra helps the yogi to detach the
astral body from the physical body and
travel in the astral planes.


This requires the guidance from an expert yogi
who is accomplished in the art of Kechari Vidya.
Do not attempt it by yourself.