"Cobra respiration"

Bhujangini Mudra Science
Bhujangini Mudra Yoga
Bhujangini Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


This is a yogic trick that plays with satiation
signals in the brain. Sit relaxed in a meditative pose.
Inhale air through mouth, into the stomach,
in gulps, as though drinking air. Belch it out.


It tricks the satiation signal in the brain
which triggers the need to consume food. Also tones the
digestive tract and helps with most
digestive disorders.

Time interval:

3 to 5 times is sufficient for general purposes;
for specific ailments it may be repeated more often.


Bhujangini mudra rejuvenates the esophagus walls
and the glands that secrete the digestive juices. It
tones the whole stomach, removes stagnant wind and helps
alleviate abdominal disorders. Retaining air in
the stomach enables the practitioner to float in
water for any length of time.


In polluted places or if having respiratory