"Gazing into nothingness"

Bhoochari Mudra Science
Bhoochari Mudra Yoga
Bhoochari Mudra

In A Gentle Way
You Can Shake The World


Sit in any comfortable meditation asana with the
head and spine straight and the left hand in chin or
gyana mudra. Close the eyes and relax the whole
body. Open the eyes and raise the right hand
in front of the face. The elbow should point
to the side of the body. Hold the hand horizontally,
palm down with all the fingers together. The
side of the thumb should be in contact with
the top of the upper lip. Focus the eyes on
the tip of the little finger and gaze at it
intently for aminute or so without blinking
or flickering the eyes.


It tranquillizes and introverts the mind and is particularly
beneficial for people who express a lot
of anger.

Time interval:

No particular time duration for this mudra.
You can practice while sitting, standing or
lying on a bed whenever and wherever you
have time.


Increases memory power and sharpens the brain
Enhances concentration and prevents Insomnia
When practiced regularly, it will relieve
psychological disorders like Hysteria,
Anger and Depression.


Nothing at all. Perform this asana freely.